News on Derek Gibb

Derek looking epic.

On late Saturday evening, whilst in the company of Struan Wallace and Sam Heaton at the WPNSA, it was noticed that Derek's speech was changing - a tricky thing to spot after Derek had drank a few pints of Doombar, and also being Scottish. However, a couple of other signs were noticed, his mouth had dropped and his arm was limp. All signs associated with someone suffering a stroke. Both Sam and Struan quickly called 999 and within 3 minutes a roving paramedic had arrived ahead of the ambulance. Derek was assessed and treated by the paramedic before being taken to Dorchester Hospital. He was then transferred to the minor stroke unit and is now due for discharge on Tuesday. The prompt action by Sam and Struan undoubtably saved Derek from a potentially catastrophic and life changing condition, as he was correctly treated within the 'Golden Hour' of it happening and had this happened when he was alone, it is the stuff of nightmares. Well done to them Derek says it is good to be loved by the 'A' Class sailors and we all wish him a speedy and full recovery, and hope to see him back on his boat again. For further details on the F.A.S.T stroke treatment, see

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