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Official  BACCA Documents 

British A-Class Catamaran Association CONSTITUTION

(Adopted 27th Sept 2014)



The full title of the Association shall be, British A-Class Catamaran Association (B.A.C.C.A)

2. Objectives

  • 2.1  The objective of the Association is to promote the A-Class catamaran and its racing program within the United Kingdom.

  • 2.2  The Association will agree matters of common interest, present the views of the membership to third parties, provide delegates on national and international bodies, arrange sponsorship and lobby for changes in the interests of its members.

  • 2.3  The Association intends to complement the activities of UK Sailing Clubs, The RYA, IACA and ISAF.

3. Membership and fees

  • 3.1  Membership is open to any individual, either in full as an A-Class owner / sailor or as an Associate in the United Kingdom.

  • 3.2  Membership covers

1. Invitation to UK National Championship and travelers ranking Circuit. 2. Membership of I.A.C.A (including slots to Worlds and Europeans).
3. Association promotion and web site.
4. Event prizes.
5. Information and support.

3.3 Members agree to the phone numbers and email addresses of their representatives being made public for Association-related activities.

4. Committee

4.1 This will consist of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.
The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be full members.

4.1.1.The post of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, shall be elected at the AGM for a three year term.

4.2 The Committee shall be able to appoint an unlimited number of others given authority to act in a particular field, subject to:-
1. Financial items to be agreed with the Treasurer. Chairman to

have casting vote, if necessary.
2. Formal correspondence to be reviewed by Legal Officer or

4.3 The Chairman may nominate new members for specific tasks during the

year, subject to ratification at the AGM.

4.4 Duties of Secretary
1. To keep the National Association Register.
2. Keep custody of all National Association documents.
3. Administer any Insurance policies as needed by the Association.

4. Communicate the decisions of the committee to the membership.

5. Maintain any certificates or registrations as may be required by law

4.5 Duties of Treasurer

  • Keep books of account so as to provide a true and fair reflection of the Associations finances.

  • Make such payments on behalf of the Association as the Committee shall direct.

  • Present the annual financial statement to the National Association at its yearly AGM.

5. Communications

5.1 There will be no formal meetings other than AGM, communication being by email.

6. Annual General Meeting

  • 6.1  This will take place at the UK Nationals or the last ranking event of the year, unless proposed otherwise by a majority of the committee.

  • 6.2  Voting will be on the basis of one vote per full member. Associate members will carry no voting rights and the Chairman will carry the casting vote.

  • 6.3  Ten members entitled to vote shall form a quorum at any meeting of the National Association.

  • 6.4  Subscriptions will be set by a 2/3rd majority vote at the AGM.

  • 6.5  All committee positions will be open for re-election every three years

    unless a committee member stands down.

  • 6.6  Any other motions must be notified by posting to the Association

    Secretary at least 21 days in advance

7. Affiliation

The Association will remain an affiliate body of the RYA and IACA, as long as approved annually at the AGM, by a simple majority vote of the
members present. 

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