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Please email us with details and we will be happy to put items on here.  However, please also inform us when they are sold. 

'A' Cat items

For Sale or Wanted


Good sized mug printed with the BACCA logo and sail symbol.

£13.50 incl PP

To order


2015 DNA A class for Sale

Foiling and C Board configuration.

Very competitive C Board boat that is fun to foil 

Wisper Grey Hulls almost immaculate.  

Deck Sweeper main sails and double skin trampoline.

2018 Brewin main sail, Mischa pin top 2020 main sail, designed for foiling, in immaculate condition (additional £500)

DNA L Rudders with carbon vertical clamp stocks

DNA curved boom.

DNA Carbon Mast

Big Wheel Trolly 

Full boat cover

Trailer – good condition 

For the price of £8,000. 

Contact Mick on +44(0)7702 430252

For sale - 2013 DNA

First generation foiler with C boards, but better sailed as a classic

Fiberfoam mast

T foil rudders for foiling mode

Xploder straight rudders for classic mode

2022 GP sail

2018 Brewin sail

2 covers

New rigging 2023

Big wheel trolley

Road trailer with locking steel box


£7500 ono

Contact Andrew Potter

07766 910931

For Sale - 2014 DNA Classic


A great Classic boat for a 65-80kg sailor. Would suit someone getting into the class. Good condition but just needs a decent scrubbing. No damage or repairs, little used in the last 2 years.

  • Soft bend DNA tapered carbon mast, so would be ideal for a lighter sailor.

  • Good condition Landenberger sail, cascade mainsheet, Refurbished DNA C boards - just requires the slots packing a little for a tighter fit.

  • Adjustable sliders as was also a J board boat.

  • Tramp undercover.

  • Cruciform DNA rudders.

  • Cover, but requires some love and Eurotrax launch trolly with hull cups.

  • Certificate.


Can be seen at Rutland SC.

A bargin @


0792 1166645

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