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2019 Worlds In Weymouth.

Letter sent by IACA President , Andrew Landenberger to NAs Chairmen regarding the the selected venues for the next four years. ------------ ------------ Dear Presidents, The IACA committee have held a meeting to finalize a world championship program covering the next 4 years. After the WGM in NZ we have set out new guidelines to select World Championship venues. Through this change in rules we have made the decision to decide on venues much earlier to allow both hosts and sailors more time to make the necessary planning to ensure the best possible events and attendances. This means we have taken a one time step to organize events for the next 4 years. From this point forward we should be selecting venues at our WGM 3 - 4 years in advance.

After a lengthy period of discussion and planning we have received the following bids: 2016 USA and Holland 2017 Poland 2018 Australia 2019 United Kingdom

2017 - 2019 are straight forward and received full support of the IACA committee fulfilling the requirement set out in section 1g of the championship rules. Both Poland and the UK have been losing bidders on several occasions and as strong developing nations they would have been given preference over other possible bids. As it worked out there was not the need for further discussions over multiple bids for the same year.

For 2016, the IACA committee have reached a majority decision in favour of Holland. Section 1 g of the

Championship rules states:

> 1g. World championships should be run once every calendar year, preferably with no less than 6 months between events. Preference should be given to helping developing National A fleets if they are able to run such an event. The rotation should be evenly spread between the National fleets and Continents. > No one country should hold 2 events in any 6 year period unless there is no other suitable option available. Any National fleet could bid to hold a World Championships at any time.

At the time USA placed their bid they were the first country to ask for the 2016 worlds and there was every possibility they could be the only county applying for the championship which would in fact qualified them to hold the event. If the USA were to hold the 2016 worlds it would mean it would be there third world championship in a 9 year period.

Holland eventually were successful in securing Medemblik which has an excellent reputation as a regatta venue. Since Holland have not had a world championship since 1995 they clearly satisfy our championship rules requirements and preference has been given to them by the IACA committee.

As it has worked out his time, with just one suitable venue for each year there is no requirement for further national voting and under section 1 a. of the championship rules IACA approves the world championships for the next 4 years as follows:

2016 Holland 2017 Poland 2018 Australia 2019 United Kingdom

We congratulate the above countries for their success and we thank the USA for there foresight in offering to run the 2016 worlds as a back up in the absence of another suitable bid.

Best regards,

Andrew Landenberger IACA President

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