Bailey White interviews Glenn Ashby

United States A-Class Sailing Association (USACA) Here is a meaty post. Glenn Ashby recently spent about 20 minutes with Bailey White talking about the A-Class and what the class means to him. Short answer: even with all of his experience sailing boats from the moth to the AC72, the A is still his favorite! We also spent time talking about rule 8, not to advocate for a particular position, but to learn what Glenn thought given his experiences with the America's Cup and other boats. There are many perspectives, and this one is Glenn's. Question: How you think about the A after all of the experiences you now have across other boats. From now classic boats like the Tornado to the moth and AC 72

A Message from the President.

I hope you are all well and just wanted to keep you upto date. Last year before the 2014 Worlds in New Zealand we ran a vote to ask if we, The UK A-Class association would want to remove rule 8 which would allow the development of easier foiling, the majority of BACCA supported the advancement of the A-Class and agreed to support the removal R8. Due to much larger A-Class associations around the World and several proposals on changing R8, the 2/3 majority required, removal didn’t happen. For those new to this debate please see the limitation of R8 below which was meant to stop the development of a foiling A-class, this hasn’t happened and work arounds have been put in place by manufactures t

2019 Worlds In Weymouth.

Letter sent by IACA President , Andrew Landenberger to NAs Chairmen regarding the the selected venues for the next four years. ------------ ------------ Dear Presidents, The IACA committee have held a meeting to finalize a world championship program covering the next 4 years. After the WGM in NZ we have set out new guidelines to select World Championship venues. Through this change in rules we have made the decision to decide on venues much earlier to allow both hosts and sailors more time to make the necessary planning to ensure the best possible events and attendances. This means we have taken a one time step to organize events for the next 4 years. From this point forward we should be

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